UPS DIAD Case Study Dissertation

1. List the various ways that DIAD (Delivery Information Acquisition Device) improves customer care. DIAD features improved customer service by:

Real-time tracking and data checking – The ability to track buyer package on the spot using Technology (GPRS/CDMA) Quickly delivery and time

Accountability and Reliable – Efficient traffic monitoring

Efficient and Reduction of information entry error

Supply information and immediate Response – Deciphering the bundle and all info related to the package is usually readily available.

2 . Write out things a package deal takes via pick-up by a UPS new driver to delivery including the part of DIAD, the USP Data Center, and the UPS Package Center. Steps:

The procedure begins together with the information from the package as well as its destination is usually add by the customer. The data of the package deal is provided for the main repository system of UPS, the system instantly creates a " smart label” which is after that attached to the package to get shipment. Bundle is acquired by a driver who has a DIAD which in turn shows the location of delivery and fresh pick-ups. When package can be picked up and delivered by the driver, the package can be scanned to exhibit all the information that was dispatched up to the main data middle. Customers can track their package together with the information offered on their bundle. The system together gets current whenever a bundle is sought through the center. When all the details is updated in the program, the final vacation spot center has all the information readily available available, intended for routing uses and thinking ahead of time

several. What role does cellular communication be in the UPS program? List the several types of wireless on-line and explain their functions? Wireless conversation allow for higher mobility, overall flexibility and real-time data inside the package and delivery procedure of UPS. With different types of cellular connectivity and technology USP provides a better service with less price. Each DIAD feature a built in:

GPRS (General Packet Car radio Services) and CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) the airwaves – an acoustical device to assist in dial-up gain access to if necessary, and 802. 11b wireless neighborhood network connectivity to enable tranny in a UPS center.

Bluetooth - wireless personal area network and an infrared (IRDA) port to communicate with peripheral devices and customer PCs/printers.

GPS -- Global Positioning Geostationary satellites that will allow individuals to easily validate customer spots for pickup truck or delivery of plans, particularly beyond the United States.

WiFi support - permits larger and richer content material downloads such as training videos

four. Why don't UPS use far more powerful and smaller smartphones like the apple iphones or Android? UPS provides a robust technology research and development office that helps support its ideal operating desired goals. DIAD is made for this unique application to collect and processing package and delivery data. Whilst iPhone or Androids are open source software that are not made for such a strong technology.

5. Why is the DIAD Sixth is v better than DIAD IV?

Fresh Hardware - The DIAD V has a 1GB expensive memory with speedy 1 GHz cpu (runs better apps that will integrate via the wireless connection) whilst DIAV IV has 128 megabytes and slower processor. DIAD V will provide Roaming - wireless overall performance and can switch automatically towards the strongest company signal. Nav – GPS UNIT so that UPS knows in which the driver is in any time. Real time navigation Along with screen also enables UPS to

colour-code emails transmitted into a driver's DIAD. Urgent consumer pick-up emails, for example , can be color-coded to alert the driving force. A colour car – emphasis, flash camera could be accustomed to enhanced proof – of – delivery and to help resolve consumer claims. A great aggressive multi-dimensional; imager to decode many symbolises, including UPS thready barcode, without the need of the driver to rotate the DIAD for capturing the barcode.

6. How does...