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Dan Bryant

Assignment 302

Task A Guidance


a) Reflective practice is a technique of learning from your experiences and mistakes, in order to improve your service delivery to the people receiving support. This is accomplished via very own thoughts and sharing the experiences with other staff members and management via team conferences and guidance.

b) Reflecting practice is important as any faults in delivery or support often have a direct impact upon the folks who get the service. If support personnel do not work within a refractive way the standard of the assistance is straight affected the caliber of life from the supported persons will decrease and is poor practice.

c) Reflective practice contributes to top quality service dotacion by permitting staff to formulate their abilities via posting their activities therefore growing support in a person centered way. People needs, desires, wishes and desires are constantly changing therefore the way in which they are support has to regularly evolve too. Reflective practice is a key factor in this process.

d) Working techniques and specifications are social care staff working rules. They are tools in which we are able to reflect upon our own doing work practices, that they highlight statutory requirements and prevent violent situations.


a) it is important for all cultural care staff to have a few feedback upon the working overall performance, we all learn from our activities and blunders. Its element of gaining experience, also the people that we support often modify so procedures which worked well and had been appropriate before may not be appropriate it is vital to reflect upon how we function so that we are able to move forward and supply the best common of take care of our clients.

b) Constructive criticism can be very hard for some individuals to hear. A supervisor has to use wide open questions to be able to engage anybody and to create dialogue in order that it doesn't appear demotivating encounter. If a person feels that they will be...