Pride and Prejudice Dissertation

Gendered Space and Feminist Ideology: Pleasure and Prejudice and its Two BBC Different types


Sarah Fanning

Bachelor of Artistry, Saint Mary's University, 2002

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Dr . Dorothy Maier, Disciplines, English

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Randall Martin, D. Phil, British, Chair

Edith Snook, Ph. D, English language

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The spring, 2006

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This kind of thesis can be dedicated to my parents, Claire and Zane. T ithout their very own love, encouragement, and support this trip would have got little personal meaning.


Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice has earned the categorization of your novel about marriage and satire. Upon further examination, the story lends itself to a feminist circumstance co-opted by simply recent hypotheses of space. The novel's heroine, Elizabeth Bennet, exemplifies Austen's implied feminist landscapes about society and the place of woman in eighteenthcentury Great britain. The eighteenth century designated gender to specific areas; the woman's place was primarily the home, the inside world as the man's space was typically the public, external world. Elizabeth challenges the codified calamite of gendered space. The two physically and metaphorically, At the crosses boundaries. She asserts her independence, intellect, and autonomy through her rejection of eighteenth-century ideology.

In light of the latest television and screen adaptations of Austen's novels, a phenomenon well-known in the mass media as ‘Austenmania', the hypotheses of feminism and space in Pleasure and Prejudice are also regarded as in light of the novel's two BBC miniseries.


I would like to accept my family and friends for his or her endless help in good times and in bad. They've been the foundation upon which I...

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