Organizational Theory Final Newspaper

Due to the recent and expected changes the U. T. government has made and continue to be make in procedures with regards to contract prizes, as well as exterior market challenges from the economic depression, I send this proposal as a fresh approach to the existing organizational structure.

Because expertise and dedication are at these kinds of a high superior in today's staff, I submit that the labor force be revised structurally rather than full-scale reduction. This financial crisis will not last long and each of our current response and decisions will determine our extended life in the market. So the main objective of this restructure will be to make the best and most beneficial make use of our workers that are dedicated to moving forward and continue to build goodwill with this employees, investors, customers and suppliers.

Changes in technology are not an issue for this particular pitch. The very nature of this firm enhances overall flexibility in technological changes and even spear-heads within some aspects of industry. There might be mild habit changes necessary, but only to coincide with structural changes. The strength changes should prove to be favorably accepted, since underutilization and overutilization problems should be solved.

The outcomes expected are:

2. reduced costs by realigning talent to appropriate responsibilities * defining merits for bonuses and certain benefits

* providing more flexible doing work conditions pertaining to higher functionality * creating diverse clubs based on goals and tasks

* upgrade Marketing section, re-evaluate goals, re-evaluate efficiency Forces Generating Change:

* Characteristics of labor force have improved

* The company structure of this company embraces military-like order. Modification of this approach is necessary to empower crew structure and welcome even more civilian business approaches while " staff and middle management happen to be better networked, more mobile, and better about their value and their options in the market. ” (PWC) * Labor supply has changed

* Most of the upper management and specialised employees are retired army, bringing these people closer to the second retirement. Although current conditions have postponed this craze it continue to exists. Competitive companies aggressively recruit informed and knowledgeable managers and industry professionals so we have to create circumstances that will promote satisfaction and loyalty. 5. Government deal allocation methods have transformed

2. More focus and emphasis must be place on other areas with the company's businesses for wealth building. Government contracting has tweaked rates and opened the door for small companies to compete for Defense and Aerospace teaming contracts. 2. Economic downturns have induced readjustments in businesses and education 2. The Business Providers company must update and integrate fresh business-to-business talking to approaches, boosting and adding to our strict Six Sigma training. 5. The Advanced Visualization Solutions division should develop their products to provide beyond educational facilities, as most establishments are not at present able to buy state-of-the-art technology. These products need to be streamlined to create the cost of development and expense to buyers down. * The Construction Firm needs to concentrate on developing even more domestic organization. The intercontinental projects should be managed by on-site managers via patriots or expatriate assignments. This will reduce expensive unexpected international travel and leisure as well as build goodwill while using natives in the country the project relies in. 5. The Marketing/Communications division is becoming obsolete, using old strategies of only upgrading the organization website and later attending market exhibitions and conferences. Promoting has become isolated from the strength that is present in the whole of the company, not working cooperatively or artistically with every single subsidiary organization. This is quite possibly due to lack of...