Myers-Briggs Paper

Mallory Simpson

Psych info: Myers-Briggs Newspaper

Teacher Baker


After taking the Myers-Briggs test, I actually am never surprised by results I used to be given. 67% introvert is actually I was distinctly ranked intended for personality type and I didn't want to agree more. Next out there was 44% judging. This specific one leaves me thinking what type of judging? Is it becoming a judgmental person, or rather judging between the positives and negatives of a thing, or maybe judging based on pure intuition or discernment. I think that many people that find out me might agree with this aspect as well. 38% was the score intended for feeling. Even though I agree with all the order in the results, I might also place feeling number 1. I are most definitely a person. I might assume that this kind of goes along with feelings also. Not only am I concerned about how I might feel about a specific situation, My spouse and i often ponder how the other person might feel too. Lastly on the list I won a 25% for sensing.

After i think about the difference between a great introvert and an outgoing, I think the largest difference may be the ability to relax, relax, to see the bigger picture. A lot of introverts happen to be quiet and observant and able to discover things that the outgoing, constantly on the go, high in volume and talkative extrovert may well miss. Of course , this may not be the truth for every opposing, but I do think \ for most it is the case. An extrovert has the advantage to obtain out and seize the ability that an introvert may miss which is the greatest positive I see for a great extrovert. The Myers-Briggs evaluation was extremely insightful for me. " The wise of heart should receive commandments, nevertheless a babbling fool can come to wreck. ” –Proverbs 10: eight