metacognition Article

The metacognition dosage improve learning

There is a account: a person learns hard, but regardless of hard anyone did, the result is not good since the person preferred, the effort and reward is not amounts, not at all and there do have a group of people similar like this person. In the end they start off think they may be not good in learn, installed themselves in negative. Could they be really not good at learn? The answer totally is unfavorable, everyone can find out and the efforts and reward can be balances. I believe the question is wrong, the question should inquire are they applied the way (or Mode, style) is correct, can be proper for themselves. Metacognition is the one make learner to show and show themselves how to study, what method is better to learn for them individual. In recent years, people have many great results about study metacognition. And by various literature and analysis reports shows metacognition does improve learning. There have many regional underneath metacognition, each each of them has them individual definition, but they are all associated with each other: metacognitive knowledge, metacognitive experiences, metacognitive monitoring. From improve metacognition skill to further improve learning pertaining to help people " know what you know” and " master what you learn”. Use additional words will be help people understand them self before the learning, in the learning and after the training. Metacognition skill is not born, but it really can be little by little developed inside the long-term learning activities, in order that is why metacognition occupies an essential position in educational mindset and one other theory of education, metacognition can be teach and it can do help learning. Metacognition usually use in educational, so as primary buzz terms in educational psychology, precisely what is metacognition anyways? The word of " metacognition” sounds like overwhelming but in genuine, it is not, persons do have more or much less metacognitive daily activities, and metacognition enables all of us become to a successful novice and recently been...