Health Care Regulations, Regulations and Standards Article

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Health Care Laws, Regulations and Standards

Christina Brown

Kaplan University

IT128-01 Health Informatics I

Teacher Botts

August 26, 2010

Health Care Laws, Regulations and Standards

The time for your annual check-up and the receptionist hands you a clip board with several pieces of paper requiring your own personal information. The papers in it do it yourself seems harmless and the data appears common, but 1, 000 of people withhold details that could be helpful to their treatment in fear of breach of confidentiality. One of the many questions people hesitate to feature within a Legal Health Record (LHR) can be their ssn, which is deemed a patient-identifier. Many Americans endeavor hard to hold their interpersonal security amounts from being created public or perhaps used for purposes other in that case intended. Several patients worry about volunteering an excessive amount of information about health problems and concerns for fear that this information will be used to predetermine health insurance coverage, a company hiring or perhaps firing these people based on a health problem or hereditary condition or any type of number causes stemming by fear of break of confidentiality. Patients need to be reassured that health information shared with a medical expert will remain confidential.

The U. S. Department of Health and Man Services (" HHS”) given the Level of privacy Rule to implement the advantages of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Action of mil novecentos e noventa e seis (" HIPAA”) (U. H. Department of Health & Human Services, 2009). HIPAA set federal government regulations and standards to guard patient information from becoming disclosed pertaining to purposes different then to treat and maintain the patient. Although HIPAA is known as a comprehensive federal regulation accustomed to protect non-public health information each organization must be knowledgeable of their local state laws to make certain any regulations not protected under HIPAA are covered within their well intentioned state regulations. Each express has...