Lab Statement Essay

Coulomb's Law Goal:

The objective of this lab was to illustrate that the pressure between two stationary charges is immediately proportional to the product with the charges and inversely for the square with the distance together. Coulomb's regulation tells us that the force between two fees depends (1) linearly for the strength of each and every charge, and (2) inversely on the sq . of the length between them. Mathematically we would create this while.



Start by removing the best side guideline block and setting it aside. Inductively charge the sphere attached with the side guide block by doing this the purchase of the actions is critical to success!

Stroke the made of wool square on the white vinyl strip to transfer charge to the deprive. Bring the ball on the information block near the charged tape but usually do not touch these people together. With all the sphere near to the strip, touch the sphere with your ring finger and then take away your finger. (When you touch that, you will be acting as being a ground – an escape course for bad particals. )

When you have removed the finger from the sphere take the world away from the charged strip. The sphere for the guide stop should certainly be charged. Be aware: If you hear a bust or pop sound even though the strip is usually close to the ball, this means that these people were too near to each other and charge jumped across the difference. The ball is now uncharged and you will ought to recharge the strip and repeat the process. Also, work properly from this point: in case you touch the charged ball to nearly anything it will right away discharge and you may have to impose it once again.


Recharge your sphere again for this subsequent part.

Slowly slip the guide block together with the charged sphere into the side of the holding chamber and carefully observe the two spheres because they approach one another and just just before they feel. Record the observations. In the event nothing takes place you might not have sufficient charge on your own sphere. Try recharging that as over; you may also use a different source such as one of many plastic fishing rods.

Component 2

Gauge the displacement of the suspended sphere from sense of balance for several distinct separation distances (see Number 4).

Try not to touch the spheres collectively during this procedure! If you do, merely start over by simply recharging the suspended world. Part a few

Recharge the spheres (as before it may take a few iterations), and after the two spheres have shared their charge, position the kept guide stop sphere so that you have a large displacement (i. e. some centimeters). Record the splitting up of the two charges plus the distance (which as we found from Part II is enough to find the electrostatic force). This can be the first data point.

Right now reduce the demand on the left guide block world by fifty percent. To do this, get the abandoned right guidebook block ball and ground it making use of your finger, then simply remove your finger and touch the 2 spheres with each other. They now have half of the initial charge. Right now reposition the left guide block world to the previous value of and record the new benefit of. (Is higher or lower than the first time? )

Repeat this procedure two even more times in order that you obtain values for the first charge.

Remember to reposition the kept guide block to totally reset the separating between the two spheres to the desired value each time before measuring.


Component II


Distance " d”


Distance " r”

(center to center)


0. 6th cm

1 . 4 cm


zero. 4 centimeter

1 . 5 cm


0. 5 cm

1 . 6 cm


1 ) 4 centimeter

2 . zero cm


1 . a few cm

1 . 9 cm






installment payments on your 002E-05

1 . 4

your five. 102E-01


1 . 334E-05

1 . 5

5. 102E-01


1 . 334E-05

1 . 6

3. 906E-01


4. 671E-05


installment payments on your 500E-01


5. 004E-05

1 . 9

2 . 770E-01

Part III


Distance primary

Distance final


1 . 0

some. 8 cm

6. 2 cm

1 . 292

0. 5

some. 8 centimeter

5. almost 8 cm

1 . 208

zero. 3

four. 8 cm

5. 2 cm

1 . 083

0. 1

some. 8 cm

5. zero cm

1 . 042...