Jarhead Article

" Yes the motherfucker looks so deadly it makes myself giggle and blush. " (155) Weaponry play a significant role in war. They not only protect and kill, but they provide a feeling of comfort to a soldier for the reason that soldiers will be in control of all their weapons. Throughout the Gulf Battle in Iraq, soldiers had been excited by their deadly weapons as described in the pervious quote. In the book Jarhead, a memoir by Anthony Swafford, soldiers possess intense associations with their weaponry. Swafford constantly describes the countless guns he carries, the process of cleaning his weapons and exactly how they use them. Swafford's anxiety about dying sets off his infatuation with weaponry because they are the sole aspect of the war they can control to be alive. Even after the conflict is over, troops continue to truly feel in control of their

As a member of Usa Marine Cadaver, Swafford understands his duty is to destroy the Iraqi soldiers with his precise sniper shooting abilities. However , his own anxiety about death triggers him to question if perhaps he wants to kill the opposing troops. After complaining about a new firearm they have recently received which includes some inconvenient problems, the instructors tell them, " we'll [soldiers] genuinely make marksmanship history whenever we tear the asses out of the Iraqi armored brigadesВ…" (156) This assertion makes Swafford reconsider his duty as being a soldier and surfaces his paranoia to be shot and he thinks to himself, " Although do I really care about tearing the asses out of the Iraqis?... this is death- the battle moving closer, encroaching after meВ… Who will sight in on me personally? " (156) Many troops are confused as to why they may be even fighting the conflict in the first place, leading to feelings of carelessness. Below, Swafford questions his " care" toward killing the Iraqis, suggesting that his primary matter is enduring the fight. He is aware of the impinging war means he is closer to death. He is paranoid about dying, although he is as well fearful for the loss of life of equally U. T. and Iraqi soldiers. Even though he...