Is American Culture a Contradiction with regards to? Essay

Is " American Culture” a contradiction with regards to?

American Tradition can often be looked at as a contradiction of conditions because every single piece of " American Culture” arises from a different source.

This first must be noted that the founding of the United States was not based upon spreading a particular country's colonization (in the majority of regards). America was founded because religious separatists, or purists, desired flexibility to practice all their religion widely. In an effort to accomplish that, these " pilgrims” built the spine of what many understand as American Culture.

The key reason why American Tradition often seems a contradiction when it comes to is because traditions can often be thought as a way of consuming, dressing, or perhaps cultural ideals. In the United States there are very few unique foods; means of dressing that are not common amongst other parts worldwide; and generally diverse religion, beliefs, and opinions.

It is also difficult to define because each item of American Lifestyle has roots in another tradition (hamburgers are not American, yet McDonald's made famous it). Yet , the key of American lifestyle remains the " American Dream”. People in the usa seem to assume that the sky is the limit. Although these types of sentiments might be shifting due to increased enjoyment lack of children education, the idea that anyone can be anything runs deep through the values initially instilled by the Pilgrims. The values just increased together with the addition to the United States after the Louisiana Purchase and expansion for the west.

Alternatively, upon starting the United States, the Americans murdered or ostracized the Natives (" Indians" ). Thus they rid the country of nearly any impact from this group.

Furthermore, American culture innovates and publicizes. American traditions is often linked to new things. These kinds of " new” ideas are usually the combination of different cultural beliefs. Again we can return to McDonald's. The hamburger is not really American, nevertheless fast food can be purely a result of faster and faster...