Internal Entrepreneurship at the Dow Chemical Company. Essay


The Dow Chemical substance Company was obviously a leader company in research and technology, offering plastic-type and agriculture products in 2002. However , from 95, Dow Chemical Company acquired ever lost its income for several years especially in 1998. Dow Chemical Organization tried to end the lessening so that it launched an effort ‘E-epoxy. com venture' in 2000. The goal of this project was making more tiny customers and spot marketplace customers to boost the market stocks. STRENGTH

1 . Epoxy was a specialty, excessive margin business. The top 20% of its global customers have made 80% of its earnings. Dow Chemical substance Company can take this advantage to broaden the business oversea. 2 . Epoxy was a imaginative online route in the market. It was very convince for not only local customers but also global buyers to purchase goods online devoid of calling or faxing. 3. Dow Chemical substance Company could be the first ocasionar using on the net system to process the orders. Moreover, the cost of starting this online system has not been expensive. Employing this system may lead Dow Chemical Company to the head position in electronic market and prior to other traditional competitors. 5. It was way more versatile for managers to use on-line system to attract more buyers. For example , Telford can provide promotion code to some particular customers by means of E-mail. Some customers may possibly feel interesting and buy products about E-epoxy. com because of special price. your five. Telford is definitely an experienced worker who has proved helpful in Dow Chemical Organization for many years. He has exceptional ability to figure out stakeholders' believed and was aggressive to control Epoxy job. WEAKNESS

1 ) Although customers can purchase products on-line, Dow Substance Company nonetheless needed to connection with customers to clarify and confirm the buy sometimes. It will increase the labor cost and decrease the buy process productivity. 2 . Capability utilization was a problem as well. The capabilities of epoxy were inside the range of 40 ktpa to over 100...