How to Publish Journal Dissertation

SMS491/EDW472 Spring 3 years ago

A guide for writing a " reflective journal”

(Adapted from Mentor Wayne Iwaoka, the University of The hawaiian islands at Manoa)

What is a reflecting journal and why should you use one? A journal is definitely an instrument for practicing writing and pondering. A reflective journal differs from your typical class remarks in which you " passively” record data/information given to you by simply an instructor. It should not be a mere " listing of events” but rather echo upon lessons you have learned-- a personal record of your educational experience in class. Maintaining a journal acts several reasons: • • • • • • A means of communication, conversation (e. g., between materials and your self, yourself and instructors). Gives regular responses between you and the instructors and helps to match anticipations. Platform for synthesis of knowledge and ideas Help develop critical thinking Helps to generate topics of interest, challenging issues that need improvement, etc . Book of essential terms: clarify troublesome principles

What to write? First set a brief summary of the articles of a spiel, lab activity, group discussion or studying material. In that case reflect upon these activities- record your own thoughts, ideas, replies and reactions to any in the above actions. Make records about ideas, questions you have, and any confusion that may arise. Use the journal to explore possible strategies to problems getting raised in the lecture or option activities towards the ones offered in class. Record new insights and problem solver strategies realized during talks with guy students and instructors. The journal displays your individual thoughts and ideas. Become as unique and critical (constructive) as you can. When do I use the journal? You are required to use the journal in each and every class. The right way to write? You should use whatever style you will be comfortable with so long as it is clearly written and sensible, so you can pick it up the coming year and be able to figure out it. Record...