Great Gatsby Analysis Article

Throughout The Great Gatsby Scott F. Fitzgerald uses many rhetorical devices to convey different tones and themes in the novel. While at Tom and Daisy's home in chapter seven Gatsby and Chip discuss Daisy, more specifically her voice. Color, symbol, and metaphor are rhetorical products employed to signify the luxurious and somewhat careful tone inside the scene. This tone likewise leads into the theme; the influence wealth has on data corruption.

First off, the hestitation of Nick reveals his extreme caution of inspecting Daisy's voice to Gatsby, not wanting to offend him. Computer chip remarks " she's got an indiscreet voice, It can full of---” this stop is important to portray the realization he had of Daisy. Calling her voice " indiscreet” or perhaps irresponsible permits the reader to view Daisy does not care about her actions, your woman floats through her existence as the lady pleases. Gatsby's blunt response " Her voice abounds with money, ” this metaphor shows that he could be aware of this kind of in Daisy and does not have offense; this trait of Daisy's is definitely the driving force in back of his attemp to ascend to her sociable status.

In extension, Nick furthers his believed on Daisy and uses color to symbolize her greed, and requirement of money. With " that was the infinite charm that rose and fell in it, the jingle of it, the cymbols' music of it..., ” Nick points out the never ending charm funds has on most of the people. The onomatopeidia " jingle” gives a light, inticing audio to the reader, while " cymbols'” coincedentaly bronze, total the sound of Daisy's words that apparently leaks money. Completing his thoughts " High in a white palace the king's daughter, the golden lady..., ” this metaphor generally seems to bring Daisy into bliss calling her the " golden girl” which is traditionally known for being the perfect girl. Metallic shades bring even more images involving, and extravagance.

Symbols are present in many varieties, colors, character types, even personality traits. In such a case, the explanation of Jeff " wrapping a two pints bottle in a towel, ” is a symbol for...