Florence Nightingale Essay


This conventional paper will talk about in detail about the life of Florence Nightingale, her contributions and successes in nursing. It also is targeted on how this wounderful woman has influenced breastfeeding today. Nightingale was a great believer in environmental sanitation and public hygiene. The girl believed the simple things are the key to good breastfeeding care. Though her procedure is fairly basic, the effects of her work happen to be insightful and still have relevant that means today in nursing practice. Biographical Data

Florence Nightingale, also known as Girl with the Lamp, was born May 12, 1820. She came to be into a rich British friends and family in Florence Italy and she was named after the city she was developed in. Her parents had been from Britain but they were on their vacation which is why Florence was born in Italy. Her parents had been William Edward cullen Nightingale (1794–1875) and Frances Nightingale (1789–1880). She also recently had an older sis named Parthenope (1819-1890).


When Florence was about six years old your woman became very ill and was cared for at home with a governess. Relating to one of Florence's albhabets, the governess had very good intentions yet did not handle Florence perfectly and would not educate her (citation). Florencia did not discover how to read and write until she was about eleven years old, which was when her daddy decided to inform his daughters. She discovered Latin, Ancient greek language, French, Italian language, history, and philosophy. She also begged her parents to leave her study mathematics. Her father would not agree with this kind of and believed that the girl should research subjects appropriate for a girl. However Florencia determined while she was, insisted and begged and her dad gave in and allowed her to become tutored in mathematics. Florence was extremely eager to find out. Her father and mother were extremely proud of her and recognized that she'd make an exceptional wife and mother. Also, because the lady came from a wealthy family members she was not expected to function. Florence even so had other plans. During this period it was normal for...

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