Customer satisfaction Exploration Paper


It gives me personally an immense pleasure to present you this entire project. The subject Is " A STUDY STATEMENT ON CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AND SUPPORT ANALYSIS OF MANICKBAG TV SETS IN BELGAUM CITY” the analysis is gone through at Manickbag TVS. The project survey focuses on client satisfaction and post sale providers, of Manickbag TVS engines. A two wheeler display room in Belgaum city.


Topic of the study: " A study record on client satisfaction and support analysis of Manickbag TELEVISIONS in Belgaum city”

Need for study:

To understand the satisfaction degree of the customer about the service provided by Manickbag TV SETS, to understand precisely what are the customer requirement and improvement required by them operating.

Objective of the study:

To find out the customer satisfaction level toward services of Manickbag TVS.. To know the down sides presently confronted by the consumers at Manickbag TVS. To examine the content sales assistance performance.

To be aware of the new part of improvement.

Research Design:

Primary Source: Set of questions & Personal interaction.

Secondary Source: Organization data through Internet.

Sample Size: 95 customers

Location: Belgaum.

Out come & Benefits of the research:

The outcomes from the this task would give the Organization a clear understanding about the consumer feedback and there satisfaction level as well as to understand what the problems faced during service. With the aid of this analyze report the organization come to learn the customer feedback and produce improvements inside the required area.


Regarding customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction occurs when the encounter obtained from deal match expectation. Customer may possibly forget knowledge that meet expectation though, customers will generally notice and also bear in mind those experience that deviated from requirement. This level is particularly referred to as dissatisfaction ends in to a a sense of dissonance in the event where an event obtains coming from product/sendee falls short of objectives. In opposing situation i actually. e. state of pleasure it may lead to to repurchase of merchandise /service while case could possibly be. One has to simply accept the fact that folks i. e. employee within an organization enjoy a crucial role in determining, and delivering of the degree of service top quality and in the end consumers satisfaction. It has been seen that actually manufacturing organization have slowly but surely realized the fact that along with touchable offering, intangible customer service the only possible unique way to cerate a point of differentiation and placement in to the competitors. It is needless to state companies need to deal with customer contact effectively the place that the desired result is a pleased customer. Customer's satisfaction info customer info provides early on warning sing of challenges before they will show up in revenue and down in profit.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction may be the to accomplishment. Getting your customer to tell you What's great about your services or products, and where you need improvement Helps you to keep your business procedures up to all their expectations. The Attached record contains a buyer satisfaction review form created to help accumulate. This information. it was built to make it easy for client to complete and To make it easy for you to quickly personalize to exactly meet your company actions.

It also includes suggestion to get distributing the shape. Ensuring that customer that will Come back the form, and following up on remarks.

Here are a few principles given by Sam smith.

The goal is usually to exceed consumer expectation.

The more the employee fulfillment, the more the customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is necessary, but is not sufficient how many times carry out satisfied customer switch brands? Answer, a whole lot.

All motivation must be derived from defined complications. For instance, dissatisfied customers avoid buy....

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