Business Plan Practice Essay

Business Plan Practice –Event Planning



06 27, 2011


Business Plan Practice

Business Summary

Events is a start-up company that provides wedding, civil marriage, baby shower, birthday party, anniversary celebrations and talking to services to get brides, grooms, parents-to-be and long standing couples. As skilled professional consultants, our expertises to create stress free memorable incidents for the customers. This allows our clients to unwind and enjoy their event. BUGSBY Events' makes events suitable for a customers' budget, design, uniqueness and expression of their individuality. 2 . 1 Firm Ownership

This kind of business begins out since Limited Liability Company (LLC), owned simply by its founders, Lulla and John Bugsby. The growth of the business can help the owners consider re-registering the business as a corporation. installment payments on your 2 Start up Summary

The business founders, Lulla and John, will manage day-to-day operations of the strategy and will job collaboratively to ensure the success of the business venture. The estimate start-up costs will be $3, 500 (including legal costs, business logo, advertising, normal mail, and related expenses). In addition $5, 500 will be necessary in the bank-account as a great operating capital for the first two months of operation. The start-up costs need to be financed in equal portions by the owners' personal cash (i. at the., AnikBugsbyntoneo happen to be investing $4, 000 each).

Start-up Requirements

Start-up Expenditures


Letter head etc . $450



Research and development$200

Expensed equipment$900


Total Start up Expenses$3, 500

Start-up Property

Cash Required$5, 000

Other Current Assets$0

Long-term Assets$0

Total Assets$5, 000

Total Requirements$8, 000

Start-up Financing

Start-up Expenditures to Fund$3, 000

Start-up Possessions to Fund$5, 000

Funding Volume Required$8, 500


Non-cash Assets from Start-up$0

Cash Requirements from Start-up$5, 000

Additional Cash Raised$0

Cash Equilibrium on Beginning Date$5, 1000

Total Assets$5, 500

Financial obligations and Capital


Current Borrowing$0

Long-term Liabilities$0

Accounts Payable (Outstanding Bills)$0

Other Current Liabilities (interest-free)$0

Total Liabilities$0


Planned Investment

Lulla -Bugsby$4, 500

Ruben Bugsby$4, 000

Extra Investment Requirement$0

Total Planned Investment$8, 000

Loss at Start-up (Start-up Expenses)($3, 000)

Total Capital$5, 000

Total Capital and Liabilities$5, 000

Total Funding $8, 000

2 . 3 Company Locations and Facilities

This kind of business will initially certainly be a home-base business. Within three years we intend to expand in to an operational office that may be fully prepared and a highly established e-commerce business. Within just 5 years, we have the intentions of operating from multiple spots. Services

Our company is a full-service event planning consultant group that provides the subsequent services: function scheduling, price range planning, designing, etiquette tips, discounted invites and products, vendor affirmation, photography providers, rehearsal attendance, event oversight and create

Industry Analysis Synopsis

The wedding sector is considered as being a true " recession-proof” industry. This organization generates above $60 billion dollars annual in the United States in ceremony and related expenses (NMOA). With this information getting known the need for a professional event planner/coordinator is a commodity. BUGSBY Events is a full-service function planning organization that is not restricted to weddings. You can expect a variety of providers to our clients and have packages suitable to everyone's requires. As professionals of the sector we satisfaction ourselves on being courteous and professional at all times with everyone. Understanding that marriage is known as a billion dollar industry BUGSBY Events has got the understanding that everybody is a potential customer. Therefore , we offer advertisement to everyone. 4. 1 ...