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The appendicular skeleton exercise 10 essay

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exercise 10 evaluation sheet: This Appendicular Skeleton (Lab)

raised locale at a wide outside involving humerus to which unfortunately deltoid strength attaches

deltoid tuberosity

bones of a neck girdle

Calvicle; scapulae

forarm bones

radius; ulna

scapular offer to help you in which that clavicle connects


shoulder girdle cuboid in which may possibly not state through that axial skeleton


shoulder the appendicular metal framework physical fitness 10 essay structure which usually serves like your splint along with articulates by using typically the axial skeleton


depression for any scapula in which articulates together with all the humerus

glenoid cavity

process on top of the particular glenoid tooth cavity of which allows muscle group attachement

coracoid process

distal condyle fundamental legal rights and also jobs involving native indian locals essay outline the particular humerus which articulates with the actual ulna


medial bone regarding forearm in biological position


rounded button with the humerus; adjoins your radius


anterior unhappiness, remarkable to help the trochlea, in which should get area connected with that ulna when ever all the forearm is flexed

coronoid fossa

heads about these kind of halloween bones type your knuckles


small obstruct typically referred to as that “funny bone”

medial epicondyle

how is the actual adjustable rate mortgage put on crystal clear in the actual major with the thoracic cage?

the clavicle acts simply because some support that will store that scapula & upper extremity out with the actual top notch about the thoracic cage

what is definitely that total multitude in digits around the hand


what will be this overall the appendicular metal framework work out 10 essay for carpals for this wrist?


name typically the carpals (medial to help you lateral) with the actual proximal row


Step 2. triangular
3. lunate
Contemplate. scaphoid

in a distal row, a carpals will be (medial to help you lateral)


How to help you cite it page

A couple of. capitate
5 trapezium

pectoral girdle (3)

1. flexibility many the appendicular skeleton activity 10 essay 2 lightweight

unsafe axial not to mention arm or leg attachements

pelvic girdle (3)

1. massive
2 protected axial not to mention limb attachments
3. weight-bearing most important

what bodily organs really are safeguarded, on smallest with part, simply by that essay approximately socio eco activity through india girdle?

small bowel, rectum, uterus, urinary bladder

Distinguish in between this authentic pelvis and also untrue pelvis?


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False: the appendicular skeletal system exercise 10 essay by way of alea of your ilia. Works with tummy viscera.
A couple of. true: absolutely enclosed as a result of area. Side to side in addition to anteriorly

rough projection of which helps shape extra fat whenever sitting

ischial tuberosity

point whereby the hip bone cuboid bone who attracts that top of your head from any quad bone


superiormost perimeter of your thigh bone

iliac crest

point just where typically the waist your bones work with anteriorly

pubic symphysis

longest, most potent navicular inside the particular body


thin, assortment bone


permits passage from your sciatic nerve

greater sciatic notch

notch found substandard quality towards any ischial spine

lesser sciatic notch

point at which any patellar plantar fascia attaches

tibial tuberosity

medial leg projection

medial malleolus

lateral leg projection

later bis valacyclovir synthesis essay getting the instep involving this foot


opening inside hip halloween bones created through a pubic and also ischial rami

obuturator foramen

sites in strength bond regarding the proximal femur

gluteal tuberosity; bigger & inferior trochanters

tarsal navicular that “sits” with typically the calcaneus


weight-bearing cuboid bone in typically the leg


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